Personalize your clothing on site, without delay and delivery to Montreal.

You want to add a word or an image on your own clothing? We also offer this option to our customers (in store only ).

Whether your favorite T-shirt, jacket or a hoodie , no problem! We will do the desired customization before you.

Exactly as you wish and at the exact spot you want.

We always recommend your cloth to be a mix of cotton/polyester, if its 100% polyester we can always use some special.

Here are some examples of cloth we personnalised at the store :

- Tie

- Pillow

- Shirt

– Hoodie

- Pants

- Gloves

- Boxers

Cost of customization?

We offer a discount on site, to customize your garment since we do not have to bear the cost of the garment to customize.

The cost of your creation starts at $15. For that price, you get  the ability to write words and sentences desired if they are 6 inches in height on your garment. (Only 1 color). Or you can get an image of an  area of ​​8 1/2 by 11 inches. If you want benefits 

Increases of 3 inches in height  add $ 5, as well as any additional color add  $ 5 .. Custom Buzz price guide)

Personalize sportswear?

Looking to customize a sports jersey, but this one is made of  mesh or polyester? Visit our section on customized sportswear