Frequently ask questions.

Order and send us the design directly by the website.
You can email us at custombuzz@gmail.com or use the form on this site  this form
You can bring it on a USB to the store

Use .jpg, .png, . pdf, .eps , .ai with a minimum 600x400 pixels. This will allow us to get a better quality when printing up your design.

When you come to the store, we can usually get your shirt ready in 5 to 15 minutes. It all depends on how many clients are already in queue. If you have a larger order, reach out to us to have more info about delays.

Yes you can bring your own apparel and get it personalized.

The T-Shirts at Custom Buzz are made from 100% preshrunk cotton. This means even if you wash them they will not shrink.

Unisex T-shirts (Men T-shirts) : Small, Medium, Large, Xtra Large, 2X Large in most colors (Black, White, Blue, Red, Green, Grey)

The V-neck T-shirts are only available in Black and White.

 New: Long Sleeve in black and white in all sizes.

Men                                    Small      Medium    Large      XL        XXL

Width                                    18¨          19¨            22¨          23¨         25¨

Height                                  27¨          28¨            29¨          30¨         30¨

Sleeve                                   7¨            7¨1/2        7¨1/2        8¨         8¨1/2

Women T-shirts: A T-shirt that is more adjusted in all sizes Small, Medium, Large, Xtra Large, and 2X Large in most colors.

Women V-neck T-shirts only in black and white.

Women                               Small      Medium      Large        XL        

Width                                    16¨           17¨             18¨         21¨

Height                                   24¨           25¨             26¨        28¨

Sleeve                                   6¨              6¨               6¨         6¨

Kids T-shrits: 2T-3T-4T-5/6-7-8 years old. T-shirt available in white, black, blue, and pink.

Onesie for babies: Available 6-12-18 months in black, blue, white, and pink.

1. Always wash the T-shirts inside out.

2. Wash with cold water while adding a little bit of detergent.

Depending on the type of printing, we don't recommend the use of a dryer. 

    However, if it's easier to use a dryer, then use it in low temperature and delicate cycle.

If you follow the instructions as given:   

  • The T-shirt's design will stay like when you first bought it.
  •  We use a special type of ink and our T-shirts are preshrunk. That's what makes the garments keep their original sizes.

We can guarantee printing done on clothing by Custom Buzz, if:

  • As you have indicated, according to the spelling, the color, the size of the sweater and the design provided.
  • The quality of the design will also be according to the quality originally provided by you.
  • That our customization work will stand the test of time. If you follow the maintenance tips.

    We cannot guarantee the work done on the clothes that you bring yourself to the store.

Only official brand t-shirts can be exchanged within a month, on presentation of an invoice and if they have not been washed.