Custom tshirt

Customize your t-shirt the way you want at Custom Buzz  we only use the finest quality product 100% cotton pre shrunk t-shirts

Choosethe style ( round neck, v neck, hoodie, long sleeve, men, women, kids, or babies) 

the color you want

the image/logo, the text and the font you'd like.

You are looking for a t.-shirt  of excellent quality and an unbeatable price? We made only one choice for you.

If we introduced all kinds of shirts available for men and all existing styles, it could become difficult to make the right choice and greatly complicates the process of creating your next custom shirt. We prefer customizing your next shirt is a simple and pleasant experience Custom Buzz is proud to provide a product of excellent quality as a reference to your next creation The “Ultimate edition” of Alstyle. This is the highest range available from Alstyle clothing.

Made from 100% cotton, with only 4.3 Oz (7.15oz / ly) and 146 g Pre shrunk shirts. (Ashen grey color: 50% cotton / 50% polyester)

Using our shirt customization tool?

1. Located at the top of the page, you must first select the project type of shirt you have in mind, in order to determine the price and use all the possibilities of our customization tool . You can always change the nature of your project by selecting Choose a product, within the customization tool, but the creation will begin with a completely empty shirt again. If you do not secure the right category, additional design costs should be charged, we will contact you before making your order to confirm.

2. Start creating your sweater! If you decide to make a sweater with a word or phrase, select the tab: Add text. Therefore, a window opens; write the word like in the first box of the window. You can then choose a style of your text. Several options are available: the text color, style of writing (the font). The location of the text and the size of it are easier to manage directly on the shirt. You can move the word by clicking on the center of it (keep your finger on the button) and then move the word to the desired location. The size of the word is active in the lower right arrow. You can also determine a magnitude with the size and height boxes. Please note that all dimensions in the tool are in centimeters.

3. You want to creative a t-shirt with an image? Select the tab and upload a photo. Images must be present on your computer. You then need to ensure that the transmitted image, which will be printed on the shirt, is consistent with our policy on copyrights. This image must be free of copyrights, or you must have the necessary permissions to use this image. Click the Upload button to start the download of the image. Your image should not be heavier than 10 MB and must be .jpg format .png, gif. In the thumbnail image downloaded, select the image you want to use for your custom shirt.

4. You can customize the front and back of your shirt, front and rear tabs are located below the main image of the sweater. The colors available for your choice of shirts are to the right. All portions of the right must be completed, because it contains the required information, the color of the shirt, the desired size of it and the amount.

Happy creating! 

Team Custom Buzz