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Create a custom tshirt yourself or let us help you.

Custom Buzz offers custom tshirt creation service, either online or directly at the store. Start by selecting the type of cloth you want to get print, then decide the design that will fit the best with your idea. Our Custom tshirt creation tool is ready to create your shirt. Just send us the image you want , the text (if needed) and we're all set to print out your shirt in a couple of minutes,

Choose up your shirt design and create a buzz

More than 1000 of shirts ideas are available in store or online . Please visit the custom shirt builder to have access to more ideas. If you have a special event comming up, or need to send out the right impression, get yourself a custom buzz tshirt.

Why should you choose Custom Buzz?

Benefits of buying with Custom buzz vs other stores.

  • Get your shirt faster. In 5 to 15 minutes at the store
  • Bring your own cloths and get them personnalised.
  • No surprise on size and quality.

Why should you create a custom Tshirt?

  • To get a shirt that exactly match your taste and get a personnalised look.
  • To make a gift or attend a special event.

We can help out with those events.

Mother's day tshirt and Father's day

Birthday party tshirt

For a casual and random joke.

Valentine's day


Since 2007, we're open 7 days on 7, Custom Buzz, is specialised into custom tshirt creation. We're located in Carrefour Angrinon in Montreal. 7077 blvd. Newman, Quebec, H8N 1X1. 438-299-5828. We're thrilled to start creating your shirt in front of you and give life to your ideas. Drop to see us anytime, and while your there shop around in more than 200 stores.